LIBRARY SERVICES SECTION - Lead by a Librarian, has the following functions:

  1. To provide library services to the School community.
  2. To develop and maintain systems for organising the library holdings to facilitate the needs of readers, and to be responsible for the maintenance in good order and condition of these holdings, and of other library equipment, and for the protection and security thereof.
  3. To develop and maintain systems to list and record library holdings, acquisitions and purchases, reader registrations, and the loan and consultation transactions in the Library.
  4. To acquire library materials, equipment, and supplies by purchase, exchange, gift, or otherwise; and, as appropriate, assisting the School in the cost-effective purchase of information resource.
  5. To assist the School in entering into agreements with other public or private entities as a means of implementing the mission, goals, and objectives of the School library and the entity with which it enters such agreements.
  6. To maintain the library to effectively provide library and information services to members of the School in connection with their official duties;
  7. To advise the Director on matters relating to the Library and its services, and to make recommendations on any changes or improvements for consideration by the Management.
  8. To ensure the library serves as the depository for newspapers cuttings bearing on law thus providing a central location for a valuable historical record for scholarly, personal, and commercial reference and circulation.
  9. To promote and facilitate electronic access to public information and services.
  10. To provide advisory services to staff regarding their information needs.
  11. To make studies and surveys of library needs in order to provide, expand, enlarge, and otherwise improve access to library facilities and services throughout the state.
  12. To prepare estimates of the financial requirements of the library and such other reports, and special submissions, as may be required from time to time by the School management.
  13. To carry out any other function as may be assigned by the Director.